Short And Sweet

Header Image: White-tailed Deer

No. The title does not refer to Gini. No matter whether such a description might be true, she may take exception to that “short” thing. And you wouldn’t want me to end up bruised (again), would you?

Our days have been interrupted lately with catch-up visits to assorted physicians and lab specialists which were postponed due to the interplanetary plague of recent years. It was becoming serious as our birding and nature exploration was in danger. Thankfully, we are almost current in such appointments. Except for this afternoon.

Thus, a quick morning trip before the afternoon is consumed by medical locusts.

The short trip began in fog. Unlike my occasional brain fog, no caffeine needed to clear the skies. Simply wait long enough and the gray mist dissipates to reveal the green world around us still exists.

A dawn flock of Cattle Egrets descended in front of us as they hungrily devoured insects stuck to wet grass stems and weed leaves. White-tailed Deer were too busy munching their own breakfast to pay us much attention. Until we got too close. Then, their namesake white flag tails were all we saw as they disappeared into the woods. Fall is here. Groups of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, Tufted Titmice and Carolina Chickadees seemed to be all around us. Vireos sang from hidden perches. A Great Horned Owl surprised us with its soft “who-who-who-who-who-who” from a nearby snag. (Of course, reaching for the camera caused her to immediately abandon the area.) A new Eastern Bluebird family was a joy to watch as they hunted bugs and decorated a utility pole. A line from that same pole supported an Eastern Kingbird, passing through on his way even further south.

Short and sweet. Even a quick trip beginning in a fog and ending with bluebird skies makes it all worthwhile.

Cattle Egret
Tufted Titmouse
White-tailed Deer
Carolina Chickadee
Eastern Kingbird
Eastern Bluebird

If you have a chance, get outside, even if it’s for a short time. Marvel at how Nature goes about the business of survival. Sometimes, She doesn’t even mind if we watch.

Enjoy your search for a natural place and come back for a visit!

22 Comments on “Short And Sweet

  1. Well, well. I just reached that three-quarter century mark yesterday. No birding or flowering was involved, but there was a shrimp boil with friends on the west end of Galveston Island, and a chance to test my driving skills in an hour long, after-dark trip home in terrific, pouring rain. I passed!

    You have a cattle egret, too! Your photo’s proof enough that the birds can equal any of their kind for beauty. The deer reminded me that last weekend I heard an unusual noise in the east Texas woods. It turned out to be a young buck practicing his snorts. The rut’s beginning in east Texas and the eastern Edwards plateau, and both quail and deer season are about to open, so it’s time to find the orange jacket and hat! As for the bluebird photo: it just made me laugh.

    There will be no getting out in nature today. It’s a day for getting caught up blogwise, doing the laundry, cleaning the patio, and such. While I was more than happy to be given my award and etc., I’m ready to move on. The beasties and the besties weren’t my best photos, but at least they were a way to say, “Ok. Onward!”


    • We are lucky to have several venues to explore and go birding during hunting season where we don’t have to worry (too much) about being mistaken for a pair of deer. Of course, Gini constantly yelling, “this way, turkey” doesn’t help …….

      “Ok, Onward!” There needs to be a tee-shirt.

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  2. Yes Wally. Those visits to the medic get all to frequent for us too. Next time I need to get a new loyalty card to replace the fully stamped one. And I don’t believe for one minute that Gini would assault you other than an occasional tut when you transgress. Your bluebirds must have two or three broods to be still have youngsters around? Can you imagine having all those kids? The stuff of nightmares.


    • I know the doc visits are important but they sure do get in the way of birding.

      Our bluebirds, as well as other species, do take advantage of the extended warm season and have a couple of broods per year. Our yard Northern Cardinals a couple of years had three.

      As to all those kids, no worries. We call them “grandchildren” and disavow any hint of responsibility for them. Enjoy them, yes. Then call their parents!


  3. These are the moments that make retirement worthwhile! Glad you’ve got nearby places to go exploring, and thanks for bringing back such great photos – you had me smiling all the way through!


  4. I read through this and looked at your marvelous photos Wally and then immediately made plans to get outside. Thanks for the inspiration!


    • Thank you, Ed.

      However, that inspiration/motivation thing is definitely a multi-directional highway among photographers and nature lovers!


  5. s often if fog starts the day, blue skies follow but it is ALWAYS good to be out in the open air and in tun ewith nature. What a gorgeous deer who posed wonderfully for you and I love all the bird shots Wally. Hope all the medical appointments go well and Gini and you both reach the 3/4 of a century fit and well. Thanks for visiting my psots and commenting. Have a great week ahead


    • And just as you said, Margaret, once the gray stuff lifted, we had blue skies (and Bluebirds!) the rest of the morning.

      All appointments good!

      Visiting your post goes best with morning coffee. Both enrich my soul.


  6. I hope that all is well there Wally, and there were no serious diagnoses from your medical visits.

    As a result of your encouragement, above, I have made a mental note to myself that this is the time that I am in danger of hibernating (not been out into the wild for nearly two weeks!), and must get off my backside and look for some birds – even if it’s only for an hour or so. Thank you – it won’t be today, however, as we are enjoying some much-needed rain.

    I just love that Eastern Bluebird image – perfect!

    Best wishes to you and Gini – – – Richard


    • All checkups to date have been good news! Okay, that just means we are continuing to deteriorate at the approved rate for humans. No surprises on the immediate horizon.

      The bluebirds were fun to watch. It was like a dance routine of some sort.

      Gini says hello and we hope you and Lindsay enjoy the rain and will find some special birds once you venture out!


  7. Definitely worth while. For you and for us.
    We are still largely in lockdown here. I have been in the garden this morning. And reveled in it. Birds, bugs and blooms make me happy.
    Good luck with the medical mayhem. Been there, done that and don’t like the t-shirt.


    • Our thoughts are with you, EC. Strange and difficult times.

      We are as good as can be expected as we near the three-quarter-century mark! Loving life and each other!


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