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Monthly Archives: December 2021

Header Image: Tricolored Heron “Ah-choo!” “Bless you.” Gini and I sneezed our way through the first two weeks of December. Intense testing, analyses and expert medical opinions told the sad tale. “Y’all got a cold.” We are seldom sick and one of us, which we shall not name, acts like a big baby when he has the sniffles. Gini is a kitchen magician and she waved her wand over a huge pot… Read More

Header Image: Red-shouldered Hawk We were quite fortunate yesterday to have the opportunity to observe an immature Red-shouldered Hawk as it scouted for, located and consumed a meal. The bird constantly scanned the ground beneath its perch and once it located its potential prey it acted swiftly. It “fell” from the branch and instantly spread its impressive wings and tail for maximum braking power. As it landed, it pivoted with outstretched talons… Read More

Header Image: Northern Waterthrush It was a day similar to other days. The sun rose. So did we. Ate breakfast. Read mail. Ate lunch. Accomplished chores. Ate supper. The sun set. We went to bed. Ahhh. But during the hum-drum ordinary routine of the day, we discovered a few “extras“. Shortly after the sun rose, we did, too, and drove a short way to have breakfast in the park. Tangerines and boiled… Read More