Our Natural Places


Header Image: Pine Flatwoods We use the term “swamp” a lot on our blog. Many of our outings take us into or through areas which are defined as swamps. Other wetlands exist in our area and we are sometimes guilty of lumping them all into the same “swamp” basket. Herewith, some short definitions of wetlands found within the United States, courtesy of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. (Pay attention. There will… Read More

Header Image: Halloween Pennant – (Celithemis eponina) Our daily human existence is boring, busy, chaotic, emotional and all things in between. We have jobs, chores and responsibilities. Our precisely organized schedules are interrupted by unforeseen circumstances. Loved ones need our attention. We need the attention of our loved ones. Bills must be paid. Politics are ignored but nevertheless intrude rudely into our lives. We plan for the future and the future of… Read More

Header Image: Picnic Lake At Sunrise A liter of water and about 60 grams of coffee beans, for me, is a pleasant way to begin a morning. One of my favorite Central American coffees is lightly roasted at a small local roastery. The flavor is wonderful, but I wished it could be “more“. I tried increasing the amount of beans to the grind but, although stronger, it didn’t increase the flavor. When… Read More