Changes —

We are in the process of making changes to our blog.

Our Florida Journal is about to become Our Natural Places.

Please stand by. Construction in progress.

6 Comments on “Changes —

  1. Hello there. Well that was something of a surprise but you’re right not to stand still but keep moving on. With luck “they” wont be able to find you after your moonlight flit. Google it.

    I’ve often thought about changing the look of my blog but would hate to lose all the old posts that go back ten and more years. Looks like we Brits have to take things into our own hands without any leadership from our leaders. Boris now busy with his new baby and we’ve lost count.


    • Phil, check with your blogging support folks, There should be a way to archive your posts. That’s what I’m doing with WordPress.

      But, when a blog is as perfect as Another Bird Blog, why mess with it?

      As to our moonlight flit, the landlords and other beings can find us all too easily.

      Best of luck with the leadership thing. Would loan you ours, but he’s at least keeping the leftish part of the country busy while we go birding.


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